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How we do it – what you get out of it

  • You will gain an understanding of what it is that influences the success of ‘the pitch’.

  • You get to define, distill and clarify exactly what it is you are ‘selling’.

  • You apply our tried and tested structures and strategies to your pitch.

  • You will enhance your ability to deliver your messages with impact and clarity.

  • You will increase your confidence to deliver a very persuasive presentation.

  • You will see an immediate benefit and a tangible return on your investment

You are not alone

Preparing for a pitch requires a lot of hard work, preparation, and rehearsal. Our clients value honest, constructive and straightforward feedback. We give all of that with accuracy and precision, with just one thing in mind – to get you to win The Pitch.

We have worked with some of the world’s biggest and most successful companies – banks, lawyers, investment houses, insurance firms, property agencies, IT, telecoms, you name it. We generally work with successful companies who recognise the value of having an external perspective to give them feedback, insight and focus. We have helped firms win pitches worth millions of pounds/dollars. $54M recently in the US, £8M on our last ‘Big One’ in Manchester, UK, €55m in April 2011 in London.

We have carried out extensive research into what it is that influences the decision-makers. From that insight we can help you to deliver a persuasive and potent pitch that will increase your chances of success. Winning the pitch can sometimes feel like it’s all a bit of a lottery – but what our clients tell us that after they have had our ‘treatment’, they are much more in control, more confident – and win more pitches. Enough said?

We are 21st Century

To help improve skills even more, we have invested heavily in the technology that both speeds up the coaching process, and makes it more effective. You get to see your presentations on video, but with the added advantages of StudioCode.

StudioCode is the world’s most advanced video feedback tool available to trainers and coaches. StudioCode enables delegates to benefit from very specific feedback on their skills performance through the use of categorised and labelled video footage. Every move and every behaviour, good or bad, can be recorded, captured, analysed, played, distributed in any way you like. A massively useful tool for not just during the training and coaching, but for use afterwards too. Does your current consultant have anything even half as effective as this? Answer: No.

We are pioneers of this technology in the UK and we are helping to bring this technology to our clients in the coaching and personal development arena. It is proving to be extremely popular and effective. Why not give it a go?